Animal Hands EP

by Animal Hands

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released 10 September 2013

Bass/Vox: Kennan // Guitar/Vox: Jack // Drums: Trevor
Recorded at Barf Slice Studio in Oakland. All songs written and performed by Animal Hands. Thanks to our friends, family, and all the local bands.




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Track Name: Coming of Age
It's the beginning of the end

It's the beginning of the end
And I'm losing all my friends
All the good things never last
How'd I get here so fast

Feels like I'm losing myself
Losing track of my mental health
Feels like I'm losing my fucking mind

It's the beginning of the end

Tell me what happened
To all the time I had
Feels like I'm going
Stark-raving mad
Track Name: Surf Nazis Must Die
The Surf Nazis are coming for you
You'd better run and hide
Come high tide
The Surf Nazis got nothing to lose
Their hearts are filled with hate
And White Surf Pride

Don't surf goofy or you'll be dead
Hook is gonna chop off your head
They'll bury you in a shallow grave
Just like they did to the Designer Wave
Eva used to be quite good-looking
Til she got a taste of Mama's home-cookin'
Surf Nazis must die

You'd better watch your step
Stay off the beach or you'll be next
Track Name: Stand & Fight
You can find them any time of day
You can see it from a mile away
Corruption of the Boys in Blue
And pretty soon they’ll be comin' for you
Cruelest people that you’ve ever met
They’ll steal your pot and they’ll shoot your pet
You’re mistaken if you think they’re nice
Turn off that recording device

You gotta know your rights
Stand up, put up a fight
You gotta know your rights
Stand up and fight

It just makes me fucking sick
How we pay for these bullies with nightsticks
Tear gas and riot gear
Their weapons are violence and fear
This brutality must abate
I don't wanna live in no police state
But if you got something to say
Have a mouthful of pepper spray

You gotta know your rights
Stand up, put up a fight
You gotta know your rights
Stand up and fight
Track Name: Nowhere Faster
Teeth gritted, fists clenched, eyes squinted, forehead drenched in
Sweat dripping, arms bruised, feet slipping, I got nothing to lose.